Ahren is a highly experienced therapist offering


Transformational Bodywork 

Psycho-Emotional Support

& Healing Sessions 

His extensive experience allows him to bridge

structural physiological conditions in the body

with energetic and psycho-spiritual behavioural patterns.

Ahren weaves his unique talent throughout his treatments, preferring to remain unbound by the modalities themselves and incorporates the techniques he finds most effective and relevant to

the moment at hand.  His perspective promotes

the true, life-changing nature of holistic therapies,

through his ever evolving practice.


Sessions may include deep tissue emotional release and/or subtle 

energetic techniques with a focus on clearing stagnancy and

blockages to promote the flow of life force energy.

My practice is in a constant state of refinement

as it reflects my own personal journey of self realisation, awareness, love and respect.

..and I am dedicated to my continued studies as I weave new knowledge with ancient wisdom teachings

to support the collective in conscious evolution.

Ongoing Studies


Craniosacral Therapy

Qi Arts 

- Qigong Channel Therapy -

Certified Studies 


Specialised Facilitator 

Ka Huna Bodywork 

Heartworks Lomi Lomi 1 & 2

ili ili Stones - Hotstone Therapy

Polynesian Floorwork

Zenthai Shiatsu

- Movement Based Therapy -

Arvigo Techniques of 

Maya Abdominal Therapy™

Level 2 - Professional Care

Emotional Anatomy Consultant

Other Interests



Ba Men Da Xuan

- Daoist Evolutionary Practice -

Nature Connection

in the body

from the body

for the body

through the body

to the body.

Ahren Paul