'I believe in the Radical   Power of Self  Love'



















It's kind of a 'where do I begin' kind of Story.  


Once upon a time...... 

Just kidding, my life is REAL & definitely no Cinderella story, however, I have definitely experienced my fair 

share of magick & unexpected blessings upon this path of Radical Self Love.

It all began, many moons ago when I was at a 9-5pm job, feeling bored, unworthy, uninspired

& exhausted from constant exercise & watching my weight & truly hoping,

that there was something more to Life.  I was feeling lost & all I really wanted was

to feel held, acknowledged & supported.  Of course I didn't fully know

this at the time, I just knew I couldn't keep doing what I was doing.

My unconscious 'Cry for Help' to the Universe was heard & along came my Faerie Goddess, 

who happened to be my ex-partner's Sister & said to me one day, 

"Come along to a Yoga Class, these Teachers are amazing!!!" & so I DID ..

To be honest it definitely felt like a 'home-coming' an 'oh my god, really, how did I not know about YOGA??!!'


'If I can exercise in this way, hallelujah !!'

YES, getting me to Yoga in the beginning was purely a physical exercise, however, when I was there I

experienced states of constant & quiet contentment within practice.  A sense of

belonging that I had never quite felt before, & this was the fuel that

ultimately kept me returning to class & to the mat.. 



This was the beginning of my 15 year journey in to Yoga ~ initiating an intense Teacher Training Apprenticeship 

for 18months, followed by an overwhelming integration & Love/Loathe relationship with Yoga, followed by

an unwavering commitment to share this practice for the last 13 years, followed by a

rekindled love affair with the practice & beyond.

& so .. here I AM, definitely mixed, stirred, shaken, cooked & reshaped by

the Potent Giftings of this Practice.



&, so the journey continues from Embodiment Practice to deep Immersion in to the Emotionally Empowered realms 

of Ka Huna Massage & Personal Development.  I arrived on the door step of High Spirits Retreat, full of 

emotion & heartache, I had just left a relationship of 10 years & had dived heart first in to an incredible heart/spirit 

connected relationship with an amazing man & was feeling completely overwhelmed, 


'Where was I with in it all?'


My journey here was all about ME, reclaiming myself, learning to LOVE myself, shedding the emotional baggage 

I had carried for many many years & to emerge on the other side a much shinier version of myself.

This was such a GIFT for me, to know more of myself on all levels.


Strangely, I also found myself gifted with the most amazing healing art/tool/massage technique to share with others..  

I deeply resonated with the heart-focussed nature of this work & dove in to 6 levels of training..  


Funnily, the Guide, the Teacher, the Facilitator within me took her place more quickly than

the Massage Therapist out on her own..  I LOVE working within a Team, & the team at

High Spirits welcomed me with Open Arms.. I remained here Facilitating 100's of people

in to the sacred art of this HeartWork, supporting others to come home,

to feel & to reconnect.  Such a bless-ed journey of 15 years

in to these potent healing realms..  


So from then until now, there has been lots of growth, courses, workshops,

healing, experience, challenge, love & learnings, &, so the journey continues,

practicing, diving in to, running away from, returning back, diving in to, 

remembering, receiving & trusting in this Grand Process of Life ..

well, most of the time, 


I'm still learning.. & I hope you are too !!


© 2019