Ahren is a highly experienced therapist offering Transformational Bodywork,

Pscycho-Emotional Counsel & Healing Sessions.  

His extensive experience allows him to bridge structural physiological conditions in the body

with energetic and psychospiritual behavioural patterns.  

Ahren weaves his unique skillsets throughout his treatments, preferring to remain unbound by the modalities themselves and incorporates the techniques he finds most effective and relevant to the moment at hand.  His perspective promotes the true, life-changing nature of holistic therapies, through his ever evolving practice.


Sessions may include deep tissue emotional release and/or subtle

energetic techniques with a focus on clearing stagnancy and

blockages to promote the flow of life force energy.


in the body

from the body

for the body

through the body

to the body.

Temple Sessions 


Immersive Journeys for the specific purpose of navigating transitional periods of life

or for those wishing to take a powerful deep dive in to Self.


This approach to bodywork offers a capacity rarely found in 'typical' approaches to massage 

and may include deep tissue emotional release and/or subtle energetic techniques.

Session begins with an in depth Psycho-Emotional Consultation; 

the purpose of which is preparation for the bodywork component of your session.

Whether the focus is on catalysing change, or assisting 

the integration of change that has already been taking place; 

the invitation is to meet yourself and be open to your capacity to effect significant change

physically | mentally | emotionally | spiritually



Session includes in depth Psycho-Emotional Consultation

+ Hawaiian Style Bodywork / Shamanic Practice

+ use of the Far Infra-Red Sauna

Performed on a table with oil and draping using underbody techniques.  

*Hotstones, Cupping & Moxibustion may be used to assist in the healing.

$2502.5 hrs



Zen Shen

These sessions are bodywork focused and are an intuitive weaving of the following approaches

based on the clients specific need at the time of the session.

Principle Influences

Hawaiian Style Bodywork & Mayan Abdominal Therapy

Orthobionomy & Craniosacral Therapy

Zenthai Shiatsu & Oriental Therapeutic Arts

Session includes a brief consultation with the primary focus being bodywork.

Performed on a low table with or without oil.

Cupping & Moxibustion 

$150 - 1.5 hrs

$2002 hrs  




Grounded  Unwinding


Performed on the floor in the style of Zen Thai Shiatsu with the profound influence

of Orthobionomy and Craniosacral Therapies to assist in deep nourishment.

Session includes brief Psycho-Emotional Consultation

+ Intuitive Bodywork (fully clothed on the floor) 

$170 - 1.5 hrs

$220 - 2 hrs







Conversational Counsel   

Lifestyle Guidance to support the integration of life experience

for the purpose of Conscious Evolution.

Session draw on over 15 years of personal development and facilitation practice

including studies in

+ Emotional Anatomy

+ Huna & Esoteric Philosophies

+ Personal Development

& Facilitation

$75 - 30mins

$120 - 1 hr

* additional charge of $20/15min

(In Person / Skype / Phone)



Please CONNECT with us to find out more details in

regards to sessions & locations.





"Flowing water can only smoothe the stone if the stone

is willing to give up it’s rough exterior"

 - Ahren Paul


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